2018 Ameripolitan Music Awards

1. What’s the difference between Americana Music and Ameripolitan Music? 
Americana is original music with prominent rock influence, Ameripolitan is original music with prominent ROOTS influence: Honky Tonk, Rockabilly, Western Swing, and Outlaw music.

2. What’s the difference between Ameripolitan and Country Music? 
Country Music is so convoluted with pop, it’s not country anymore. And because they’ve hijacked the term beyond repair, we aren’t Country either – We ARE AMERIPOLITAN.

3. How do I know if I qualify as Ameripolitan and how do I get my band/venue/ radio station listed on Ameripolitan.com?
Send an .mp3 of your music with your name, contact info & website to info@ameripolitan.com. We encourage all of you who are putting your heart in soul into your music to do this. This is a chance to give recognition to well deserving folks who have been basically left without a genre. 

4. How do I submit my song to be featured on the Ameripolitan jukebox on ameripolitan.com?
Send one to three songs for consideration to info@ameripolitan.com with JUKEBOX in the subject line. 

5. How do I submit a band/radio DJ/venue for an Ameripolitan Music Award?
When we announce that nominations are open (we will announce on the website, on our facebook page, and in our newsletter in the fall) we encourage EVERYONE to send in their favorites in each category to be voted on. And YES! Please nominate yourself!

6. How can I help support this movement?
We appreciate your support. We NEED your support. Buy tickets to the Ameripolitan Music Awards show. Buy music from Ameripolitan artists. GO to see Ameripolitan artists perform live whenever possible. Place our banner on your facebook page. Share the Facebook page and website. Encourage folks to use the term whenever possible, etc. We thank everyone who is on board with the future of Ameripolitan Music!